The Goodness Squad Podcast Episode #1

Welcome to the Goodness Squad!

Welcome to the Goodness Squad. My name is Misty Marsh.  I thought I’d take just a minute before jumping into the actual episodes to tell you the story of The Goodness Squad and to introduce myself. 


Join the Goodness Squad Here: TheGoodnessSquad.com/join

The Goodness Squad: Welcome to the goodness squad. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. Welcome to the goodness squad.


Misty: Hello, hello everyone, and welcome to the goodness squad. My name is Misty Marsh and I thought I'd take just a minute before jumping into the actual episodes to tell you the story of the goodness squad and introduce myself.


I want you to know that if you want to turn your blog or podcast into a full-fledged online business where you share your talents and goodness without sacrificing your home-centered focus. Then welcome. You have found a community of like-minded women.


Make sure you subscribe because today, like in every episode, I'm giving you a bite-sized, easy to process and easy to implement tip for your business. All right, let's jump right in.


Have you ever designed something, maybe you designed a room for a new baby or the place setting for a holiday meal with your family? Or maybe a beautiful printable quote. What was your intent in designing it? Did you hope that it would be useless and have no benefit? Probably not. Did you hope it would bring goodness into someone's life?


Well, God designed you and I believe he designed you for goodness. I can imagine him thinking of your incredible potential, all the good you would accomplish as he carefully created you.


You have a unique set of talents and gifts and passions, also known as your superpower that allows you to touch others in a way only you can. I believe God wants you to use that superpower for goodness he designed you. For goodness.


According to President Kimball Latter-day, Saint women will be seen as distinct and different in happy ways in the last days. We are living in those days and the world is shifting toward more digital and virtual interaction. In these last days, you can be seen as distinct and different and have a profound impact on our worldwide community, right from your own home.  And the world needs you. Because no one else can make the impact you can make.


The Goodness Squad is a group of women who embrace three things.

  1. First, they believe and embrace that God designed them for goodness.
  2. Second, they feel like God wants them to use their talents and gifts online
  3. Last, they believe, like Helen Keller, that alone, we can do so little, but together we can do so much.


If that describes you, then welcome! This community of likeminded women cannot wait to meet you.


Succeeding online, especially in a way that brings income and spreads light is no easy task. We need other women who get that, who understand that part of us. We need encouragement, friendship, and reassurance. When we're discouraged, we need each other's faith and fortitude, confidence, and feedback. So come join the goodness squad.


You can do that at Thegoodnesssquad.com/join. Again, that's Thegoodnesssquad.com/join.


So what makes me qualified to create this podcast and teach you how to be successful online? Well, this is my fourth online business since 2008. But before I get into that, you should know that I'm the mother of four kids. They were all born within about three years of each other, twin boys and then two girls 18 months apart - all while my husband was in law school. So yes, late 2007 to early 2011 were some mind-numbing sleep-deprived years.


It was during that time that I started my first online business. We needed money and I needed something to ground me and to help me keep my sanity. While we didn't lose any money with my first business, which I named Frugalicious, I sadly didn't gain much either. I think our total profit over that 18 months or so was around a hundred dollars but I didn't give up.


I morphed that couponing blog into a blog about food storage and eventually wrote books and e-courses on all things, emergency preparedness. That business allowed us to build our dream home, enjoy incredible family vacations, pay off car loans, give generously, and more. I sold it in early 2018.


But that isn't the whole story. The real story is much more complicated. I lived for the hustle. It's crazy how fast the weeks, months, even years past without me even realizing it. Sometimes I still wonder if I wasted my kids' childhood by working all the time.


Sure, I was physically involved with my kids, but mentally I was somewhere else - Thinking of the next social media post or the emails I had yet to answer, you know anything at all but the adorable kids in front of me who just wanted to play hide and seek. But instead, they watched one more episode of baby Einstein or dinosaur train, and then one more again.


I took marketing courses, copywriting courses, social media courses. I even took a course on how to create a course. I joined blogging Facebook groups. I researched web design. I researched the psychology of selling and learned how to write an ebook. I learned about web hosting and file storage. I tried all sorts of tools until I found my favorites. I mean, I dug deep and I learned a lot that helped my business succeed financially. I was helping people all over the world to be more prepared.


But I was a burnt-out workaholic, running myself ragged to make my business profitable. My mind and body needed a break and I needed to prioritize and focus my efforts in all areas of my life. I felt like I could be awesome with my business or with my house or my family. But never all three at the same time.


I kept thinking, if only I could work a little bit harder or just finish this one project, it would finally settle and be easier to manage. We'd have that passive income that everyone talks about.


I eventually sunk into a pretty deep depression. Honestly, I wanted to quit. I asked God if I could, I fasted. I went to the temple. The answer was a firm and clear: No.


God forced me to work through many of those issues. He needed me to learn to say no more and yes to only the things that really mattered. I learned to set limits and boundaries on my work time. God came first. I learned to relinquish control to him and to not do everything myself. 


I wasn't perfect. I still fought mom guilt on occasion, but I learned to seek God's guidance and wisdom above my own.


Once I figured it out and felt fairly, not perfectly, but fairly balanced, I got the distinct impression in late 2017 that I was to sell that business and I did. It was sold by March of 2018. I dabbled in web design for a year, just five or 10 hours a week or so.


But over the summer of 2019, I took lots of long walks and I realized, or, or maybe God taught me that he had tutored me for nine years. He had taught me how to be successful online without sacrificing my home centered focus. He gave me a gift, a unique set of skills, experience and talents.  He wanted me to use them to make you more profitable online in ways that spread light to others with a business that brings you income and joy but without requiring you to sacrifice your home-centered focus.


Here at the goodness quad podcast, you'll find quick wins and simple strategies. I don't believe in easy overnight success. But I'm also not a fan of the constant hustle. I'll help you find a balance that allows you to honor your priorities by cutting out the noise in your business and helping you focus on what will truly drive growth.


Each Monday and Friday, I'll give you bite-sized tip for tips for your business. These episodes will be short, easy to process, easy to implement.

  • We'll discuss family and work-life balance and sound marketing strategies.
  • I'll help you develop a firm foundation you can build the rest of your business around.
  • I'll give you quick tech tips and
  • Real-life stories from Latter-day Saint entrepreneurs who are in the trenches with you.


My goal is twofold:

  1. First, I want to make you profitable online in ways that spread goodness and light to others with a business that brings you income and joy, but without requiring you to sacrifice that home-centered focus I know is so important.
  2. Second, I want to provide you with a community of women who are in those trenches with you right now. I'm one of them. This is a new business for me. You and I. We need encouragement, friendship, and reassurance when we're discouraged. You've heard me say it before in this episode, but we need each other's faith and fortitude, confidence, and feedback.


Before I sign off today, I want to provide you with your first bite-size, quick win. These are the types of things you can look forward to here at the goodness squad.


So you may have heard something along the lines of "embracing your superpower is the way to be successful online," and that is true, but unfortunately, no one ever really tells you what a superpower is or how to figure out what yours is.


That changes today. I am going to give you a simple formula for discovering your superpower.


According to Matthew 25 which is the parable of the talents. God expects you to use your talents and as you use them, you will be blessed with more. Try replacing the word talent in this parable with superpower. I believe your superpower is what makes you unique. It's what allows you to help others in a way that no one else can, and it's what I believe God expects you to use to bless other people's lives.


Now, a superpower isn't just a talent or gift that you have. For example, you might think I played the piano. Well, is that my superpower? But then you realize there's millions of people who play the piano well, and you wonder how could that be my superpower if it isn't really unique?


You're a smart lady. Playing the piano isn't your superpower, but it might be part of your superpower.


Here is the simple formula I promised you for discovering your superpower:


Your hard skills + Your soft skills + Something you are passionate about = Your superpower.


Let's dig a little bit deeper into that, so I'm sure that you understand it.


Playing the piano is a hard skill. It is something that is teachable and measurable. Other hard skills might be things like computer programming, sewing, graphic designer, basketball. If you ask your friends, what are my talents? Most of the time they're going to answer with a hard skill.


Soft skills, on the other hand, are behaviors and character attributes that come naturally to you. Maybe you're very adaptable. Or you have great problem solving skills or can communicate effectively with most anyone. These types of skills are softer. They're hard to measure and to teach. If you ask someone what they admire about you, they will most often answer with a soft skill.


Are you starting to see how even just these two ideas together can make you stand out and make you unique? A pianist that is a patient listener. We'll be able to help different people than a pianist who is a fast-paced go-getter.


But when we add a third dimension, something you're passionate about, you begin to stand out even more. In fact, I believe that there is no one in the world with your exact set of hard skills, soft skills, and passions. That is why this combination is your superpower. It is something that no one else has. It allows you to help people in a way that no one else can.


Iron man is not the Hulk, and if he tries to be the Hulk, then the Avengers suffer as a whole. So embrace your superpower. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Don't try to be the Hulk because as you embrace your superpower, The Goodness squad becomes stronger because you fill a place that no one else can.


So here's your assignment for today. I want you to make three lists with the help of those that know you best.

  1. First, I want you to make a list of your soft skills as a reminder. These are things like patience, courage, sincerity, soft skills, or behaviors or talents that come naturally to you.
  2. The second list I want you to make is the list of your hard skills. These are teachable and measurable skills like web design, crocheting, soccer, or playing the piano.
  3. The third list you need to make is a list of things you are passionate about. What is something you currently love doing? What would make you get out of bed in the morning? Excited and ready to go?


Once you've built your three lists. Ponder and pray about where all three could intersect. How could you pursue a passion while using your heart and soft skills?


There are probably multiple ways in your passions may change and your talents may grow and change an increase over the years. This does not have to be set in stone, but when you have a clear vision of how you can help, you will be far more successful and happy online.


I believe God wants Latter-day Saint women to be seen online. In fact, in 1979 the year I was born, President Kimball prophesied:


Much of the major growth that is coming to the church will come because good women of the world will be drawn to the church in large numbers. To the degree that the women of the church are seen as distinct and different in happy ways.


You may have heard president Nelson use this quote recently in general conference, and I think very often we focus on the phrase distinct and different in happy ways. And it's a beautiful phrase and one that we should ponder and think about, but sometimes we miss the word "seen".


We can be as distinct and different and happy as we want, but if no one sees us, what difference are we making? Never before in the history of the world could women stay home with their kids, be seen by their kids, and still be seen as distinct and different by thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people.


The internet is a gift from God. The online world is often a dark and hateful place, which makes it the perfect place to be seen as distinct and different. Your superpower, your unique set of soft skills, hard skills and passions, is what will allow you to stand out in a dark online world. If you would like a worksheet to help you narrow in on your superpower, I have one for you at Thegoodnesssquad.com/join. I hope to see you there.


Thanks, goodness squad ladies, you are incredible. If you haven't done so already, make sure you hit subscribe it because in the next episode I am going to be teaching you how to double your income.


Girls: Thanks for supporting your mom. Leave a review and tell her what your favorite part of this episode is. It makes her really happy and I like her happy. She's very bad, cranky.

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