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About The Goodness Squad & Misty Marsh

I See You

  • You feel the call - the pull - to share goodness online
  • But you don't have the first clue where to start
  • Or maybe you've been doing it for free for so long that you are burntout and ready to give up
  • Oh, and your family misses you

I See you because I was you

I started a blog in 2008 that fell flat.  I started another in 2010 that grew painfully slow at first. 

I wanted to share goodness and light in a dark online world.  I wanted to provide fun “extras” for my family – things like vacations and sports and a backyard.

But the struggle was REAL –  Tears on the regular real. 

I was overwhelmed by all of the information available to me.  The fear of failure stopped me from moving forward on the daily. I wasn’t sure I had what it took to create a successful business (aka I was convinced I didn’t). My perfectionism got in the way.  I was afraid of wasting money and time and it paralyzed me.  

My mind was always spinning, but I was going no where fast.  I felt like I could be a good mom or a good primary teacher or a good business owner, but never all 3 at once.  I was burnout and prayed regularly asking to quit, but I was told NO over and over.

Sound familiar?

But Then I figured it out

With God’s help of course

  • I was bringing in full-time income
  • We bought a house and took vacations
  • I was able to rock being a mom, primary teach AND business owner
  • I sold that business for 6-figures

You've Got Problems

Mind-Boggling Tech

You had no idea HOW. MUCH. TIME. the tech side of an online business would take and you are at a loss for how to keep it from sucking the joy out of blogging.  It leaves you with no time to be creative, support your followers, and write about the subject you love.


You need to punch fear in the face, stop struggling with shiny object syndrome, and start making more than $0.27 per hour. You need to know which tools are actually worth the money and which projects are worth your time.

Too Much to Learn & do

You don’t really know what you don’t know.   You thought you were focused on the right thing, but the lack of $ coming in tells a different story.  And the “right” thing the “experts” say to focus on seems to change daily.  But you need to figure it out because you have limited time and money.

No Time For Family

Your kids hear “just a minute” and “not right now” too often.  Date night hasn’t happened in months.  You know your family is your priority, but you can’t seem to work out how to actually live that way.

I've Got Solutions:

Earn money – ethically and in a sustainable way because you will do the right things in the right order and won’t waste money or time on the wrong tools or projects.

Help those YOU are meant to help – by standing out online in all the right ways.

Maintain quality work / life balance – You will not be perfect, but you can be a great mom, a wonderful wife, fulfill your callings AND have a successful online business.  I learned this the hard way and have lots to share!

Share the gospel –  by simply being seen online by people all over the world as different in happy ways – kind, generous, authentic, honest.

How I know God will help you

Much of the major growth that is coming to the Church ... will come because ... good women of the world will be drawn to the Church in large numbers ... to the degree that the women of the Church ... are seen as distinct and different—in happy ways.

God wants to help you.  He wants you to be seen online – by good women all over the world – as distinct and different in happy ways.  

He will bless your family with income so that the time you give is worth it and you don’t burn out.  He will also bless those you reach – families you don’t even know right now will be better off because they “meet” you online. 

Some will join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Others won’t – and that is okay!  Spreading light and goodness isn’t about who joins the church; it’s about loving and caring, serving and teaching.   It’s about being “seen as distinct and different in happy ways.”

As we – The Goodness Squad – support each other in this endeavor, the Lord will magnify our efforts and bless His children in just the way they need to be blessed.

Please join us!

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5 Simple Tips That Will Increase your success with email marketing

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Plus, you’ll get access to my entire (growing) library of resources for Latter-day Saint entrepreneurs.

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