Where Latter-day Saint Momprenuers turn their Into a Business

Spread goodness and light through a service-focused business without the burnout that comes from doing it all for free.

Your is not a business

It’s a tool – Just one – of many – tools you can use to build your business.

You need more tools

Like an email list, a funnel, something to sell, and more

You also need a plan

Because without one, you can be awesome at being a mom or a business owner or a primary teacher, but not all 3 at once.

God Designed You For Goodness

Hey there!  I’m Misty. I believe God expects you to use your unique set of talents and skills to spread goodness and light (See Matthew 25:14-30). I also believe you’ll be better at it if you earn an income while you do it.
In 1979 (the year I was born!) President Spencer W. Kimball prophesied “much of the major growth of the church will come as the women of the church are seen as distinct and different in happy ways.”  The online world is often a dark, hateful place, so I believe it to be the perfect place to be “seen as distinct and different in happy ways!
If you want to turn your blog into a full-fledged business where you earn money, and share your talents and goodness online without sacrificing your home-centered focus, then welcome! You have found a community of like-minded women. Join us!

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Increase Your email marketing Success

In Just Minutes With these 5 simple tips

Having a list of people you can email in your business is absolutely essential to your success as a business owner. Once you’ve had a chance to implement the 5 tips, I’ll also send you templates you can use to give your new subscribers a warm welcome.

Coaching for just $5 per month

I would pay ten times the amount that Misty charges to be part of her coaching group - it is THAT amazing!  I have learned more from this group in 2 months than all the other YouTube videos, webinars, blog posts, and courses in the past year and a half combined."
of Plan For Awesome

5 Simple Tips that will increase your success with Email marketing

Each tip takes just minutes to implement.  Grow your list and increase your open and click rates so you can impact more people and earn more income.

5 Simple Tips That Will Increase your success with email marketing

Plus, you’ll get access to my entire (growing) library of resources for Latter-day Saint entrepreneurs.

Plus, you’ll get access to my entire (growing) library of resources for Latter-day Saint entrepreneurs.

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